The Marketing Academy/Jyuku is a basic information and resource website for those involved in marketing, market research, advertising, selling, promotion, and other marketing-related areas.  Marketing academy is edited and managed by Yoshio Ishii


Marketing Academy is committed to provide quality information and valuable tools for not only business professionals, academics and students of marketing and related fields, but non profit organizational personnel.  This is accomplished by:

    publishing very basic information and educational materials that, in most cases, are freely available to site visitor

    being highly selective as to which external Internet resources are referenced

    providing access and analysis of current industry news and events


In Decembre of 2005 an executive of US company operating in Japan brought to light the needs of very basic knowledge dedicated to the field of marketing in his group.  This was the starting point for building an online directory of very basic marketing resources.  By January 2006 the project moved under the study group name Marketing Academy/Jyuku where it remains today.  Over this time the site has grown from an inside company web directory to an open web site that includes mail magazine, articles, forums, links to industry news and much more.

Yoshio Ishii